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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Sons of Liberty (US) (2009) Brush-Fires of the Mind

Sons of Liberty (US) (2009) Brush-Fires of the Mind

Heavy Metal / Oldschool (1980s-type) Power Metal

Brush-fires of the Mind is the only album by ICED EATH's Jon Schaffer's heavy metal solo-project Sons of Liberty.
All music and lyrics were written by Schaffer himself, he also plays all guitars and sings lead vocals.
The album has been released on cd (regular version and limited edition) and 12" vinyl by Century Media Records on July 12, 2010
The album is a concept album about corrupt world leaders holding the rest of the world in slavery.

45 minutes 52 seconds

1. Jeckyll Island (7:15)
2. Don't Tread on Me (5:08)
3. False Flag (4:50)
4. Our Dying Republic (3:49)
5. Indentured Servitude (4:43)
6. Tree of Liberty (6:13)
7. Feeling Helpless (4:01)
8. The Cleansing Wind (4:37)
9. We the People (5:16)

Thanks to HEAR ROCK CITY blogspot and Jon Schaffer for originally sharing this album.

192 kbps
includes scanned  lyrics Booklet

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