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Thursday, October 2, 2014


Synthwave, also known as 80's retro revival or simply retro electro, is a form of electronic music that takes most of its inspiration from synth music and pop culture from the 1980s.

Tangerine Dream fans will like PERTURBATOR I think.
(Should I post  some more cool stuff, like THE KEEP soundtrack ?)

 Free downloads in audio files of your choice.
PERTURBATOR (Fra) 2012 Night Driving Avenger EP - released 20 March 2012
PERTURBATOR (Fra) 2012 TERROR 404 - released 01 May 2012
PERTURBATOR (Fra) 2012 I Am The Night - released 21 December 2012
PERTURBATOR (Fra) 2013 Sexualizer - EP - released 01 June 2013
PERTURBATOR (Fra) 2014 Dangerous Days - released 17 June 2014 still available for sale on CD.

- http://www.4shared.com/rar/yvhv4ZsP/Perturbator_- _Early_Works_and_.html

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