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Monday, October 27, 2014

PAGANFIRE (Philippines) - Wreaking Fear And Death vinyl LP version released


PAGANFIRE (Philippines) - "Wreaking Fear And Death" LP

red Vinyl 10 Track LP incl. 2 bonus Track Lim. to 1oo copies
black Vinyl 10 Track LP incl. 2 bonus Track Lim. to 4oo copies
Release Date ~ September 2014 !
01. Bakal sa Bakal, laman sa laman |
02. Obscure syndrome
03. Power elitist |
04. Lust Possessed |
05. Vermi, Wamas, Wormius
06. Much Of Madness, More Of sin |
07. Filth Of Beliefs
08. Durugin at kayo’y Sumpain |
09. Lust Possessed [Initial Mix]*
10. Bakal sa Bakal, laman sa laman [Initial

Track 9 & 10 Bonus Track for Anger Of Metal - Records , Germany""

oldschool thrash metal

band contact-
Their full length debut album is also out on cassette. Contact the band.
I have heard the cassette and CD version of it and this is probably the best release they have made.
After a decade or more of demos, live tapes, split releases,  a 7"EP, and compilation appearances, PAGANFIRE have released their debut LP and are still heavy as ever.

I shouldn't really include this old demo below for you to check out, as the demo is far rougher, but it will give an idea of the type of thrash metal they play (they love OLD bands like Slayer, and Order From Chaos). 

Paganfire (Phil) - Paganfire [Demo Cassette] (2005)

Artist: Paganfire
Release: Paganfire demo (2005) [by Eternal Darkness Creations](US release)
Genre: Oldschool style Thrash Metal
Country: Philippines
Bitrate: 320 kbps
American release of "Mabangis! marahas!" rehearsal demo,
with live tracks from the "Mapangwasak" 4 way splt on Metal Havoc Records.
side A (1-5)
Produced by Paganfire 2003.
All tracks recorded at rehearsal session May 18,2004
All tracks remastered by Metal Havoc Records.
side B (6-9)
Produced by Metal Havoc Records.
Paganfire "Slayfest" bootleg March 29,2003.
Recorded at the Live at the War Ensemble gig.
Re-mastered + edited by Metal Havoc Records.

tracks 6, 8, and 9 originally appeared on:
Mapangwasak-"The Sandatahang Manila and Laguna Metal Attack"tape (4 way split, also with Incarion, Effluvium, and Morloch).

Track 7 previously UN-released, exclusive to this release.

48 minutes 18 seconds
Side A
1. Pagkakamahing Panahon (6:35)
2. Glorious Arson (5:34)
3. Metal Thrashing Militants (5:03)
4. Hate Vanishing Point (4:42)
5. No Remorse (Metallica cover) (5:55)
Side B
6. Hell Awaits (Slayer cover) (4:55)
7. Sodomy and Lust (Sodom cover) (4:18)
8. Kill Again (Slayer cover) (4:50)
9. Nuclear Winter (Sodom cover) (6:26)



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