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Monday, October 6, 2014

On Top

         On Top (US) [2014] Top to Bottom (mini LP/EP)

WHO is the metal chick modelling on the front cover?

She runs this blog http://foreverstreetmetalbitchwitch.tumblr.com/
and likes to show off her butt and shake it a lot. It's a nice ass. It has a nice shape and looks it should be good to grab when slow dancing.

I never thought about it much before, and maybe I am unusual, but I do not like the typical, skinnier than skinny, super-model, anorexic, bleached blondes that everybody else thinks is the cat's meow. Ok, some I like, the Farrah Fawcett and Cheryl Ladd types.
Marilyn Monroe is a good example that has been said before by others, that she was not skinny enough by today's fashion /model "standards", but that fuller, natural shape is what I like.

Since I am wasting space here blabbing about girls,  let me continue...
heck, for the past month I was watching the  old late 1990s La Femme Nikita TV series on DVD. NOT really for the main star, Peta Wilson, (she is cute, but I am not too into blondes I guess), but for the super-sexy, older lady, Alberta Watson !
NO idea if she has a big ass, as she is usually in business clothes, so I went on a mission and searched all over the internet for any nudity she did, and was briefly awarded with seeing her awesome nipples through a sheer bra in the movie  Spanking the Monkey (1994).  Warning, strange plot. She plays a crazy mother that seduces her son. Hmm, guess it is okay to say Alberta Watson IS A MILF! ha ha!
Another cool one to check out -No nudity, she looks pretty good in the classic 1983 horror/suspense movie The Keep.
Of course, it has a typical Hollyweird plot where WWII Germans are "bad guys".

so here is to all the chicks with regular/smaller-sized boobs!
and as for "annaMOSH" (am guessing that is her nickname from photobucket)

I would like to touch her ass (or whatever body part is offered) if I ever meet her.
But I am too old. and too fat. and too boring.and will NEVER travel to the USA again.
 The album is reviewed here - http://www.deathmetal.org/news/sadistic-metal-reviews-05-19-14/

This is supposed to be sleazy hair/glam metal, but to me sounds more like a crossover of hard rock, heavy metal, and hardcore punk.
Especially if you like a guy that uses spoken-shouted vocals, by bands like LEEWAY, RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE, REST IN PIECES "Under My Skin"LP, or even white power band Aggravated Assault (though ON TOP might have jewish band members, I don't know, I am not part of the music scene's secret police).

 On Top (US) 2014 Top to Bottom
17 minutes 26 seconds

1.No Shame (2:58)
2.Cold And Blue (4:22)
3.Don't Go (3:57)
4.Bad Love (6:09)
or from

 IF you think this sounds good for the 128 kbps stream rip I grabbed, then the CD should be even better.
I have been too lazy and TOO CHEAP, because I don't feel like spending $10 PLUS shipping costs just for FOUR SONGS. http://www.horrorpaingoredeath.com/store/hpgd087.html
Maybe one day when I am drunk I will order a copy.

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