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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Fat Pizza Vs Housos - coming 27 November 2014 (Australia)

Fat Pizza Vs Housos
Been waiting and waiting for this one !!!

Last year or two years ago,
I discovered the wild and crazy comedy show PIZZA, and its creator , a party animal from Malta living in Australia named Paul Fenech was responsible for a bunch of related TV shows.
Canada might have the Trailer Park Boys, but the Aussies have their nuts and scumbags too!

Check YouTube, or download the torrents, of these vulgar shows, you will either love them or hate them !
2014 Bogan Hunters
2012 Housos vs. Authority the movie

2011–present Housos
2008–2011 Swift and Shift Couriers

2003 Fat Pizza the movie 
2000 – 2007 Pizza (TV series)

Wish one of these TV series was still running.
One of the last times I talked with my Aussie pal A.J. Maggot awhile ago when I still had skype working, he said wasn't a fan of Housos and gave the impression that many folks over there are embarrassed about it or hate it or something, and that is also what I have read in some comments here and there on the internet
The TV networks there didn't even want to broadcast the shows I think???

I don't care, somebody, somewhere, better show me more of Shazza Jones !!! NOW !!
Swift & Shift Couriers Season 2 Episode 1

Did I mention that ROSE TATOO singer Angry Anderson is an actor on HOUSOS as a biker, and worked at Swift & Shift Couriers??!! Whooo !

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