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Friday, August 1, 2014

Soggy (Fra) - Soggy LP (2008)

Soggy (Fra) - Soggy LP (2008)
High energy punk n roll !

Originally uploaded by http://lixojovem.blogspot.com
Major Thanks to them!
I was looking a long time and finally found it now.
Unsure, but think this is re-released tracks from 1978.

39 minutes 3 seconds

128 kbps

1. 47 chromosomes (3:06)
2. lay down a lot (2:13)
3. i feel on top of the world (3:15)
4. cellulitis is the the top of the shapeless body (3:03)
5. down the shops (3:02)
6. i wanna be your dog (4:40)
7. waiting for the war (3:46)
8. cursed boy (4:00)
9. slider (4:56)
10. let's go together (2:46)
11. lost my brain (4:16)

Every release by SOGGY is expensive and now impossible to get.
Limited issues sold out very fast.

 Ass kicking, fist punching, beat the shit out of you, violent hardcore punk rock n roll.
For fans of MC5, Iggy & The Stooges, and Black Flag.

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