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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Never enough time ?

I should not complain about time, as that is one of the main things I have going for me.

     Still, if my eyes were more able, I would do all of my reading surfing the internet, but I prefer to do it from paper - books, magazines, fanzines, newspapers.
Still , am not getting enough done due to lack of energy/being tired from codeine most of the time.

     Like, I come across something I discovered yeas ago and today is only the second time I listened to the album all the way through!,  and now I want to re-learn about psychedelic rock and how it continued from the 1960s until now!
     It is 2013 and there are a billion bands that play "heavier", but a good guitar solo and catchy riffing is all that is needed.

check out
A Tijuana Trip (2006)  ''a meth-lab experience''



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