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Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year,and....

For awhile, I stopped caring to talk on BTR, so I am pretty much done with that.
I will make sure to play an important interview I did some months ago during this month.

Me and A.J. are still friends, but I just have no desire anymore to be on air.
I would rather listen than participate.

A.J.Maggot is looking for a co-host with skype installed, can commit to being on-air (easier said than done, many times, expected callers never did), and without an attitude.
That means -
shouldn't be a pretend "insider", or be so full of themselves that they think they are God's gift to the listening public;

basically what you label as a "know it all".

Contact A.J. ,
either through The Indy Show on facebook, or his Blog Talk Radio account.

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