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Saturday, November 20, 2010

11-19-2010 - Canada Spaceman's Lament for RIOTOR's cancellation



11-19-2010 - Canada Spaceman's Lament for RIOTOR's cancellation

64 minutes
32 kbps
SPEWGORE (Brampton,ON,Can) - Rodeo Song [Showdown (Edmonton,Alberta,Can)cover song],
2010 Breakneck Therapy LP/
PROFANER (Hamilton,ON,Can) - Through the Depths, 2010 Signs of Nine LP/
TANKARD (Ger) - Poison, 1986 Zombie Attack LP/
D GENERATION (US) - No Way Out (3:57) 1996 No Lunch LP /
ALICE COOPER (US) - Adaptable(Anything For You)1982 Zipper Catches Skin LP/
PROJECT NAILED (Can) - Song 4-GoredMix-Final, November2010/
NASTY SAVAGE (Florida,US) - Fear Beyond The Vision - 1985 LP/
PRAYING MANTIS (UK) - [2010] Witch Hunt (NEW SONG)/
SKULL FIST (Toronto,ON,US) - Heavier Than Metal, 2010 LP title track /
ASPHYX (Hol) - The Herald, 2009 Death...The Brutal Way LP /
AXEVYPER (Italy) - Non è Finita Qui,2010 Axevyper LP/
ANVIL (Toronto,ON,CAN) - Pussy Poison, 1985 Backwaxed LP/
SPEWGORE (Brampton,ON,Can) - Self-Perceived Image,2010 Breakneck Therapy LP/
MOON MARTIN (US) - Bad Case Of Lovin' You,1978 Shots From a Cold Nightmare LP.

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