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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

upcoming radio shows this week

The Indy Show-Australia goes live at 8pm Sydney time on wednesday nights..click link to listen live..or download after 10pm
THAT is 6 am EST Wednesday for those on the east coast of North America if curious.


False Count Radio
Former WWE, TNA and ROH Star Zach Gowen on False Count Radio Wednesday, June 23.
This Wednesday, June 23, 2010, Zach Gowen will join "The Pacific Coast Player" JT Evans, "Pure Poison" Viper and “The Mid-Atlantic Bad Ass” Damien Wayne of False Count Radio for an interview proudly presented by Wrestlehustle.com.

Zach is a former WWE wrestler, arguably, the most inspirational professional wrestler of all time. Zach is professional wrestling’s only one-legged superstar. Zach has spent time in Juggalo Championship Wrestling, TNA and Ring of Honor in addition to WWE. Recently, Zach has gotten into stunt work for the movies, and he will be in an upcoming movie called War Flowers, starring Christina Ricci. Zach will also talk about some of his upcoming dates, time in rehab and recovery and the recent tragic passing of Trent Acid, among other topics.
Listen live on June 23rd at 8 PM EST at

The Indy Show
A.J.Maggot reports on wrestling events happening for the week.
"The Indy Show..I cover as much live independent local wrestling as I can find..I have local fans,wrestlers,managers,promoters & call in every week..I give details for upcoming live shows in USA,Canada & the UK.."

Canada Spaceman-A.J.Maggot METAL Show will probably be at THIS link now
Friday - midnight / 12 AM Eastern Standard Time/NY time
[Saturday 2 pm Sydney.AUSTRALIA]

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