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Friday, June 18, 2010

Canada Spaceman and A.J.Maggot Kill You with Metal Part 3


06-19-2010 Canada Spaceman and A.J.Maggot Kill You with Metal Part 3....
1 hour 16 minutes 54 seconds (76:54 minutes)

Day Glo Abortions (B.C.,Canada)- "Proud to be a Canadian" 1986 Feed Us A Fetus LP /
Carcass (UK) "Ruptured In Purulence" 1989 Symphonies Of Sickness LP /
dj A.J. Maggot /
DEATH (Florida) "Sacrificial" 1987 Scream Bloody Gore LP /
dj's /
DBC (Montreal) "The Genesis Explosion" 1989 Universe LP /
DAG NASTY (Washington,D.C.) "Simple Minds" Wig Out at Denkos LP /
dj's /
ENTOMBED "Left Hand Path" 1990 Left Hand Path LP /
FAITH NO MORE (US) "Surprise! You're Dead!" 1989 The Real Thing LP /
dj's /
Hallows Eve (US)"Plunging To Megadeath" 1985 Tales Of Terror LP /
Hallows Eve "Lethal Tendencies" 1986 Death & Insanity LP /
Hallows Eve "Speed Freak" 1986 Monument LP 3rd LP /
dj's /
HARD-ONS (AUSTRALIA) "Crazy Crazy Eyes" Too Far Gone LP /
DISCHARGE (UK) "Ignorance" 7inch version off the Never Again 2007 comp /

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