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Saturday, May 29, 2010

05-30-2010 Canada Spaceman and A.J.Maggot kill you with metal PART 1

I see BlogTalkRadio has been offline for the past 5 hours I think.
Here's a download link for the last show we did.

05-29-2010 Canada Spaceman and A.J.Maggot kill you with metal PART 1.mp3

05-29-2010 Canada Spaceman and A.J.Maggot Kill You with Metal part 1

(off youtube) Danzig+Shakira - Hips Don't Lie mp3 /
ANTHRAX - "Metal Thrashing Mad" 1984 Fistful of Metal LP / dj's/
ARMOROS (BC,Canada) - "Euphoria"- 1988 Pieces unreleased LP/ dj's/
BENEDICTION (UK) - "Subconcious Terror" 1990 Subconscious Terror LP/
/ dj's/
AT WAR (Virgina,US) - "Rapechase"- 1988 Ordered to Kill LP /
ARMORED ANGEL (Australia) - "Crush, Kill, Destroy" 1989 Wings of Death [demo] /
The Italian mp3/ djs /
BOLTHROWER (UK) - "In Battle There is No Law" 1988 In Battle There is No Law lp /
BLIND ILLUSION (San Francisco) - "Bloodshower" 1988 The Sane Asylum LP /dj/
Your dog has urined all over my tree MP3/
BLOODCUM (Los Angeles) "Live to Kill" 1988 Death by a Clothes Hanger LP/
BRUTAL TRUTH "Denial of Truth" 1992 Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses LP /
djs /
CARCASS (UK) " Ruptured In Purulence" Symphonies Of Sickness LP/ djs.

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